Coastal Ecosystem Spectral Library (CESL)

Welcome to the Coastal Ecosystem Spectral Library (CESL)! CESL is an open-access warehouse used to explore and manage spectroscopy data collected from a variety of intertidal vegetation, seagrasses, marsh plants, and substrates. CESL stores not only spectra, but also biological or sediment/substrate data associated with spectra (e.g., species, wet weight, percent cover, grain size, TOC, etc.). The library may be used to upload and store spectra, perform data query, plotting, and download of spectra and associated metadata.

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We welcome the contributions of remote sensing specialists, data scientists, phycologists, and marine ecologists and biologists. You can browse the CESL using the map interface, or navigate to the Search page for advanced search and filtering options. However, to contribute or download spectra you must be registered. Please Register to contribute to or download from the CESL. We continually strive to improve the CESL interface, which is achieved mainly through user feedback. Please Contact us to let us know how we can improve data management, search, and visualization tools. Our Help page also provides answers to FAQs.